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DTF Film A3, 100 Sheets






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DTF Film A3, 100 Sheets



DTF Film A3, 100 Sheets

Revplotionaryng lets users print designs onto a DTF film A3, 100 Sheets. Then, the film is coated with a layer of adhesive powders, either by applying manually or by an automatic shaker. After these two easy steps, the user can 1) lightly bake the film (fix the power) and sell the film as a product; or 2) press the film direct to the garment (or other substrates) and sell the final product. DTF process has many advantages over traditional methods. First, the DTF product has crisp and well-defined edges without cutting and weeding. Second, the DTF works on all color backgrounds with a wide selection of substrates. For a dark background, customers can use a DTF system with white ink (W+KCMY). A RIP software controls the printer and makes it prints KCMYfirst, then coats the KCMY with white ink background. For substrates with a white background, only KCMY inks are needed, without white ink or RIP software. The media can be any fabric, such as cotton, silk, polyester, and denim. Therefore, the DTF works on all color backgrounds and all materials.


  • HIGH QUALITY: Premium DTF (Direct-to-Film) heat transfer film. Size: A3 - 100 Sheets/Pack.
  • VIVID COLOR: high color expression & wider gamut, works on both light and dark substrate
  • DURABLE AND PERMANENT. Extremely high wash fastness (tested with BCH glue powder).
  • PRODUCTION MINDED: Works with both hot and cold peels, just allow 5 seconds after press
  • SUGGESTED TEMP: 300 to 325 F. Suggested Press Time: 8 to 15 seconds.

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