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Laser 1 Opaque Heat Transfer Paper










Laser 1 Opaque Heat Transfer Paper

Laser 1 Opaque Heat Transfer Paper

LASER 1 OPAQUE papers transfers on coloured dark coloured fabrics and is suitable for heat press and home iron. It is a pigment ink based laser paper that requires a laser printer for printing on it.


  1. Application: On Laser dark fabrics
  2. Temperature: 375F/190C
  3. Transfer Time: 10seconds
  4. Pressure: Firm
  5. Print Tray: Multi-purpose/Bypass
  6. Mirror Image: No
  7. Peeling Method: Cold
  8. Pre-Press: 4seconds
  9. Printer Settings: Printer Settings (OKI:Ultra heavy / HP:Heavy / Epson: Glossy / KONICA:Thick2)

Packing:100pcs/pack, 10packs/cartoon

Storage: They are stored in a zip-lock bag and are to be kept in a clean area.

Laser 1 Opaque Laser Paper Application Instructions

Laser Opaque Heat Transfer Paper for Color / Dark T-Shirts

Printing Instructions

  • For OKI 831TS, OKI 920WT and OKI 711WT: set the media type setting to Ultra Heavy 3
  • For any other printer: Set the paper weight setting to Transparency or Label (usually the heaviest setting in the printer driver is most compatible)
  • Print image on the blank, white side of the paper in the correct orientation: do NOT mirror/reverse the image.

  • The paper should be fed into copier/printer with the short dimension first, ideally using a straight path bypass tray.
  • We recommend single sheet feeding

Cut and Peel

  • For best results trim away the unprinted paper around the image by hand or with a vinyl cutter.
  • Gently peel the image off of the backing carrier like a sticker. Using an Xacto blade or a vinyl weeding tool is helpful to get easy separation of the layers.

Application Instructions

Heat Press

  1. Prepare heat press at 350 degrees F.
  2. Do NOT pre-press the garment.
  3. Place the printed image onto the fabric, facing up.
  4. Cover the image with silicone paper. For a glossy finish, use Teflon cover.
  5. Using above recommended temperature, apply MEDIUM pressure for 15-20 seconds. (Reduce time if using Dazzle-Trans with the application.)
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