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Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Paper

Quick Overview

For cost-effective customization purposes, purchase dye sublimation paper from us! Available in rolls that are up to a 100 meters in length and can be adjusted to any width according to the client’s preferences.

Our excellent quality dye sublimation paper is available in a vast range – normal, fast dry, full sticky, semi-sticky, fabric specific – get them all here!

Sizes: A4R.

Packaging: 100 sheets per box.

Choosing the correct sublimation paper

These are few factors to be considered while choosing the right sublimation transfer paper.

1. Ink Capacity and Limits
This is an important factor, higher the ink limit (wet), heavier the paper should be in order to accept moisture from the ink without any disturbances like curling and warping.

2. Ink Pattern
This explains that the printing of a very complex design artwork that has mixed heavy and light ink input. This is faced with low weight papers, with the occurrence of curling and shifting after pressing. To eliminate this the best solution is using 110gsm or more that accept heavy and light inks.

3. Roll to Roll, or Roll to Sheet
Calendar heat press prefers low-gsm papers. But in heavy ink, limit and capacity are to be considered wisely. Here we consider the limitations of high capacity production and consequences like warping and curling.

4. Print Speed
The quality of paper to be produced depends on what speed it is being printed at. Fast printing produces lightweight paper, slow printing produces thick paper.

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