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Q: Why does Revolutionarry sell only UK Products?

A: Because UK Brand is the global best in terms of profitability, durability and quality. Also, Nigeria's national power/Electricity and educational system is British.

Q:What are refillable cartridges (RIC)?

A:A refillable cartridge is a highly durable replica of an original manufacturer’s cartridge. Unlike an original or compatible single use cartridge, it is capable of being refilled from bulk ink bottles numerous times.

Q:What are the benefits?

A:Simply purchasing a refillable cartridge starter pack can save you over £400 in ink! As an example we will look at the Epson T18 ink cartridges that fit a range of Epson XP series printers: Each cartridge holds on average 3.8ml of ink.

A:What’s the catch?

A:Some manufacturer’s warranties are voided by the use of 3rd party consumables (compatibles, refillables or CISS). This means they won’t honour repair or replacement agreements outlined in the warranty. The details of this vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, it is stated in Epson’s warranty that the agreement is only invalid if the body of the printer is modified, or if the 3rd party ink is proven to have caused a fault in the machine, “We will not repair or replace products if, in our opinion, the problem is due to:

Q:Will my print quality suffer?

A:The short answer to this question is no, not in the slightest. The long answer is as follows…
Our inks are developed to match OEM inks in quality and longevity. This means you will get the same colours and life from your prints that you would were you using originals. All of our inks are tailor made for the machines they are meant to be used in. We only sell Epson inks for Epson’s, Brother ink for Brother’s and Canon ink for Canon’s. No universal ink will ever touch our shelves.
Not only that but we will only sell the ink made specifically for your machine. If your machine takes a dye based Epson ink, we supply a dye based Epson ink, if it takes a pigment Canon ink, then a pigment ink for Canon is what you will receive.
Special exceptions can be made if you seek a custom finish. In these situations we recommend calling our offices to discuss your needs.
The reason behind this is not only to ensure your machine operates as it was meant to, but also to ensure the quality of your prints stays high. In the cases of high quality photography printers, ICC profiles are provided with our RICs to get the best out of the printer and its inks. For more information on ICC profiles and what they do visit out ICC explanation page here.

Q:How does it work?

A:Ink is injected directly into the cartridge to top up its ink chamber. Like in an original or compatible cartridge this ink is used by the printer until the cartridge registers as empty. At this point the cartridge is removed, but instead of being disposed of it is refilled and placed back into the printer. The printer recognises the cartridge as full and will continue printing, saving you from having to buy a new ink cartridge

Q: But UK products are very expensive.

A: No. This erroneous perception is due to the fact that some view costing from the pricing angle only. Cost should be viewed in terms of performance, durability and functionability.

Q: Why do you sell only Epson printers that are very expensive instead of HP?

A: Because Epson (UK) printers are most suitable for purpose... photography and imaging. We also do Canon and little bit of HP.

Q: I understand that prints from inkjet printers are not fade resistant.

A: This depends on product source and user know-how. Prints from Epson or canon printers will last a lifetime if you use original inkjet cartridges and paper.

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