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The Craft ROBO Silhouette lets you be creative at home, in the office and at school.

Take a look at some of the cool new feature the new Craft ROBO Silhouette has to offer...
The software on the CraftROBO Silhouette has been enhanced, making cutting or perforating even the most complicated shapes easy. Now there's no longer any need to take scanned images into other software for autotracing, everything can now be done simply and accurately in Silhouette Studio. The latest software also provides you with Weld and offset functions.

SD card slot -
this allows you to cut your designs without the need for the CraftROBO Silhouette to be connedcted to your computer.

Autofeed function
- the Craft ROBO Silhouette now has an automated system for inserting your media.

New Carrier sheets
with a grid - the latest carrier sheets come with a grid on, making it easier to use up your scraps of card.

Enhanced Registration Mark Sensor
-This machine comes with an Automatic registration mark sensor to allow you to print your designs and then cut them on your Craft ROBO Silhouette.

Whether it's accents, titles, or shaped apertures to frame photos in scrapbooking;
perforated pop-ups or repeats for decoupage in card making; the CraftROBO Silhouette makes it simple. The CraftROBO Silhouette is so simple, it is ideal for producing wedding place settings, memento boxes, stickers, and to cut heat transfer images. And good news for Mac users - the CraftROBO Silhouette also comes with an Silhouette Studio for Macs. Keep your kids amused for hours with some of the wonderful paper crafting projects.

The neat little CraftROBO Silhouette is simple to use.
Its unique cutting tools ensures fingers stay safe, and using a coloured tip system allows you to change your cutting depth easily. Cutting onto the patented cutting mat allows you to die cut shapes out of many different materials. Using the Silhouette Studio software is simple, cutting the most intricate shapes is a cinch. With a little imagination you can come up with some superb designs like this fantastic birthday card for the kids. Why stop there, christmas cards, easter cards gift cards wedding invitations, the list is endless.

If you are a scrapbooker,
throw all of your dies away. You can use the CraftROBO Silhouette to cut all of your titles using any font on your computer and what’s more you can cut to any size! The CraftROBO Silhouette is also perfect for cutting apertures and pockets. With so many templates for you to download you can make paper toys, cars, games, cards, novelty boxes, labels, pop up greetings cards, stickers and much more. Without having to design anything yourself. But of course, if you have a good imagination just think what you could achieve.

We have also created a brand new software
for you use in conjunction with your CraftROBO Silhouette. It's called DesignMaster and it opens up a whole new world of designing - allowing you to created welded words at the click of a mouse! Check out the full details of the DesignMaster software before you go any further - you won't be disappointed!

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